The Vapor Movement! Kicking Ash like a BIG CHIEF

When we opened our doors at Big Chief Vapor products we had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into.  We failed to realize how much of an impact the e-cig industry had on our generation.  The billion dollar companies and government officials opposed to the success of this industry had never crossed our minds.  All we knew is these little electronic devices saved our lives and we wanted to pay that forward.

Electronic cigarettes help people, why would anyone want to get rid of them?  This was the question I asked myself,  when I heard of recent proposals to ban the use of these devices.  The idea that anyone would want to ban something that will save millions of lives was a concept that has been hard for me to grasp.  This left me angry, confused and looking for answers!

The Big Chief & I have seen and experienced first hand what a positive effect e-cigs have on peoples lives.  Since our doors opened we have watched hundreds of  people come in looking for an alternative to their combustable cigarettes.  When they enter Big Chief Vape Shop they are in search of a solution to a very hazardous problem: and we provide them with the information on alternatives to combustable cigarettes.  We offer them the support they need along with a verity of nicotine delivery devices.

I am not an Expert or a Doctor, this is strictly from First Hand Life Experience. These devices provides you with an alternative way to receive nicotine and elemenate thousands of harmful chemicals that other wise would have been inhaled through combustable cigarettes.  As time have passed we have witnessed how effective e-cigs are by providing you with a satisfaction for each habit that comes with traditional  smoking.

  •  The security of holding a cigarette is received and you satisfy that hand to mouth fixation.  (This was a on the top of my list to help me)
  • To satisfy your nicotine cravings, you inhale a vapor which  provides you with nicotine – minus all of the harmful chemicals  . (seems healthier to me)
  • To complete this trio is the visual Gratification the vapor provides you with.

It is a Triple threat method to “Kick Ash Like a Big Chief!”

With each sense satisfied Kicking Ash like a Big Chief takes Little to no effort from smokers.  The ease of the switch has resulted in Thousands of “accidental Quitters”.  These are people who had no intention of giving up combustible cigarettes, They just used the E-Cig as an alternative and soon found them selves no longer reaching for cigarettes.  It was easier, and it did not leave a order, are phrases we hear everyday in this business.

Regardless of how this transition occurred or will occur in my opinion it is a positive one.  To watch people regain there confidence from overcoming a habit that has imprisoned them for years is a wonderful thing to witness.  Everyday we hear testimonial after testimonial of success stories…… Lives being saved ……… People Feeling Better……… and you are against this why?


-Big Chief-